Alternator 90A Upgrade

The new unit is larger than the original 65A aternator. The case is the same configuration but the lower end regulator case is bigger. This created an issue with clearance from both the airframe and electric water pump. To provide clearance I determined that lengthening the water pump mount plate was appropiate. I increased the length 3/8" as in the layout pictured. All other measurements remain the same. As indicated I used .190" 6061T6 Aluminum plate.

This alternator was received without a pulley installed. I used a generic puller from Harbor Freight to remove the pulley from my original unit. Check for height alignment with secondary pulley and adjust as necessary by shimming the pivot mount. In most cases no adjustment should be required.

On my original installation I had a panel mounted Idiot light which indicated that my alternator was, in fact, excited. This new alternator does not have a terminal to allow for that indication. However, I found a indicator light that hooks to the output terminal and by tri-color illumination shows output status (@$14). I will update this page after installation. 

This is another angle view of the clearance. Note that I removed the two 30A fuses to eliminate shorting while working the unit fittment.

Due to increased power requirements since upgrading my engine to a Talon A600N as well as possible future electrical upgrades I decided to upgrade my alternator, again, from a 65A to a Marine 90A unit. I ordered a Sales# 110-603 on-line and paid @$195.00

This is a self exciting alternator. Do not attach #5 harness wire to this unit. I clipped the harness wire and terminated it with heat shrink. The overhead panel alt switch is no longer used.

The above shot shows the longer pump mount installed. Note the tight clearance!

Moving the water pump outboard 3/8" required that I modify the turnbuckle alternator adjuster. I also removed one link from my segmented drive belt. Note that I cut the alternator flange as was required on the OEM alternator. Everything was a compromise to get adequate clearances. Other ships may be slightly different. If you kick out the water pump too much you may have a clearance issue with your upper body panel.

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