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2. This is a variation on the original jack style cart. This works well with the new Talon gear height. Basically a single 500lbs winch pulls the rack forward which, in turn, raises the machine. Handles similar to the jack style work with this cart as well.

3. The dolly has two attachments one for the tractor tow and the other for hand moving. This setup actually lifts the whole helo off the ground via electric scissors jacks (Harbor Freight $59). I picked three wheels because it is less complicated and move maneuverable. It uses the foot pegs for attaching to the aircraft. The wheels are mounted inside of the skids so that it can be loaded on a trailer as wide as the outside of the skids, no wheel interference.

4. The pros of this type is simplicity of design. No battery needed and no future jack mechanical issues. On the down side you lose some flexibility lifting from an uneven surface.  Note: This cart has the manual handle attached, the jack style above has the towing coupler installed. These are interchangeable as required.

1. After I installed my new "hoop" style landing gear my original tow bar wouldn't work because the new gear is wider. Back to the drawing board! I decided to create three wheel dolly which keeps the aircraft flat during moving. The reason is that I eventually plan on an enclosed trailer for storage and by keeping it flat the blades will be able to clear the ramp door easier. With the higher tail it is also more difficult to use the stock ground handling wheels around the hanger.

  EQUIPT: Cart prototype