Band Saw and Mill

Welding Area. Both TIG, MIG and Gas available. Newly acquired a 50A Plasma Cutter.

As you can see from the photos above we have a substantially capable shop. Often, with Rotorways, shims, bushings, small parts and "special" tooling must be fabricated to facilitate construction. In the facility from which I retired  this shop would be considered a "Quickie Shop". This shop is fully capable of providing fabrication and modification of parts and material in support of any aircraft project. Don't ask IF I have a tool but rather WHERE is the tool located!

Lake City Area, itself, provides : Weld Shop/Fabricator, Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart, Tractor Supply, Fastenal, Decal Shop and Powder Coater.

Tooling is an integral part of any aircraft facility large or small. Shop tooling needs to be complete and well maintained for any task anticipated. Accountability, when having multiple users, is paramount and total tool control, through shadowing of hand tools, is a means to that end. Theft has never been a problem but leaving tools on or in a project helicopter has frequently occurred. I encourage returning tools to their shadowed home after each task in an effort to prevent loss and FOD (foreign object damage).

Work Bench, Slip Roller, Grinder and Drill Press

Band Saw and Mill.

Hanger tool chest. Tools specific to Rotorway construction.

Long view on our machining area. Includes Lathe, Mill and Band Saw.

Slip Roller, Grinder and Workbench.

Shop Kitchen

Bead Blaster

Hanger equipment and tooling is also a requirement for supporting helicopter construction. Most of our heavy equipment is located on the hanger deck. We have two hangers and routinely house six to seven Rotorway projects. The main hanger, shown, is air conditioned ( Required in Florida) and heated. 

Hole Punch, Bench Brake and Beverly Shear.

Every work center needs an office, this is mine. I have Internet and a Wi-Fi router available for guests  with printing and laminating capabilities. We have a full library, containing all documentation for all Rotorway models including prints covering Exec to Talon.

Sheetmetal and Extrusion Rack.

Gantry Crane

Minute Shear and Brake

Bantam Pneumatic 4' Brake 

Material availability is extremely necessary to facilitate any construction. I maintain a substantial inventory of sheet metal, extrusions, hardware, round & flat/bar stock and miscellaneous parts in support of various build projects.

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4130 Round Tubing Stock.

Foot Shear and 12" Disc & Belt Sander