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 After installing the Garmin I noted a need for a 12V power port within the cabin. The Garmin runs on battery for longer than you can fly but it may need a backup source if you forgot to charge it. Never happen, right? Locally available at Radio Shack for less than ten dollars and easy to install if you still have the belly panel off.

 Originally this transponder lead went from the avionics stack directly to the antenna. Try reaching to the center of the belly panel without breaking something or cutting up your arm! By installing a standoff and bulkhead BNC connector with a short lead to the antenna I eliminated that issue. Place the standoff toward the edge of the panel to be within easy reach.


 The FAA requires an ELT be installed. This is about the cheapest one available. Probably could be found at an airplane scrap yard or from people upgrading to the newer style. I placed it within easy reach in case I decided to vacate the machine due to an emergency situation (fire?).


 A Dekka AGM battery is smaller and 9 lbs lighter than the standard Gill G35. One caveat is to verify that the attaching hardware is tight and prevented from loosening! This battery is much easier to install and remove than the larger Gill. Being sealed it does not throw acid on to your airframe nor spill on you when removing. If your attach bolt loosens and you have a "demanding" start evolution you may melt the battery terminal! I use Loctite and it seems to work fine. These batteries are also cheaper than Gill or Concorde at @$95 delivered.


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