After fiberglass hardens, you can mix some filler and fill the voids and gaps on the cockpit side of the pocket and sand smooth. I recommend using fiberglass resin and glass bubbles for filler (not Bondo). 

Remember that you must leave enough space for the anchor nuts. I suggest you place a narrow piece of wood (1/4-3/8") to maintain spacing on the screw line. You also must use shorter body attach screws in this area so you don't penetrate the pocket wall.

Time to fiberglass the back side. Do not over do this! One to two lay-ups should suffice.

After sanding paint the pocket to match cockpit interior. This mod with save knuckle skin!

Cut section as indicated in picture. Suggest using Dremel tool with thin cutting disc. Be careful to cut neatly because you can use the cutout as the pocket back wall.

Use previously removed seat back material to cut and fit filler ends and bottom. Note: never throw away any remove fiberglass pieces from the various cutouts this "waste" material comes in handy for these mods as well as repairs!

Use metal tape to help hold ends and bottom pieces in place for fiberglass lay-up.

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