I am an A&P certified FAA artisan with the IA endorsement. I routinely accomplish annual Condition Inspections in accordance with RWI guidlines. Usually I can perform these required inspections pre or post Gathering dates if pre-scheduled and time allows. I have, on occasion, accommodated owners during my cross country travels.

I've been transporting Rotorway ships and kits for about fifteen years now. I have a custom trailer that I designed and improved over  years of travel. My usual charge is $.80 per mile round trip Lake City, FL using MapQuest mileage estimates. 

I'm retired and have time to assist builders with their projects. I prefer to work out of one of my hangers located at Cannon Creek Airpark, Lake City, FL.  I charge $100 per month for hanger space. My intention is not to store projects but provide assistance to active projects. I have a two bed apartment in one of the hangers reserved for builders during their building visits at $15 per night. There are also 2200+ hotel rooms in nearby Lake City offering more luxurious accommodations.







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