The first step is identify the two arms, they are different. Install Delrin bushings as pictured.

Do not use hammer to insert but rather a clamp. I used a socket and small clamp to press the bushings into place.






 The next step is to assemble the spring assembly. Again note that the cross members are of different lengths. The shorter member is inserted into the frame and attached with Delrin bushings and bolts. The longer member will be attached to the bushed arms.


 Prepare the idler cog for mounting by placing the two Aluminum spacers on either side.


 Again, make sure you assemble the arms correctly oriented, as shown. Temp install all hardware at this time. This is the correct way to assemble the arms to the body of the tensioner. Note that the pivot bolt to the frame has two bushings one metal the other Delrin. These two bushings should be trimmed to match each other and be shortened enough for a better fit. I normally have them rise about .050" above the frame. Also notice that everything is loosely attached at this point. Verify that the arms are correctly oriented.





Now we are ready for final assembly. Use Loctite sparingly as per instructions.








Torque all bolts IAW RWI general instructions. Do not pre-load tensioner springs at this time. It is easier to accomplish after mounting assembly to the airframe. 




 RWI does not provide longer bolts to attach the tensioner to the airframe and through the secondary. Depending on secondary shimming you will need AN5-25 or -26 length bolts.

This picture shows the idler retainer block installed. To accomplish this you use a 3/8" breaker bar attached to the square hole provided in the idler arm. Be careful!





 Bottom view showing the lateral square tube mount shackle. Again, not provided by RWI are thicker area washers for the slotted attach points. We bought these from Fastenal. Retainer is still in position, this facilitates cog belt installation. 




The rest of the adjustment process will be covered in the Cog Installation section of this site. One person on the ROG complained that his tensioner did not provide adequate tension? Solution: Remove the retainer block after final alignments! Some problems are simple!!

The instructions provided by RWI are not the correct ones for the current production kit.  Every picture does not reflect the kit shipped.


Spring tensioner

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