Plug 13

Plug 13 two (Red) Ppositive Leads

Talon Engine Upgrade Instructions

The MEFIs get their power from Plug 13 on the existing 162F airframe harness. There are two empty pins on the airframe plug. I installed two 14AWG red wires to the Metri-Pack 150 connector. As recommended by Al Yard I passed both wires through 10A circuit breakers prior to the battery hook up. The factory print shows them going directly to the battery, not prudent! Reference print E35-2001 Rev D. The wire is available from Aircraft Spruce. The Metri-Pack components are available from The Electrical FYI they are Metri-pack 150.

Coil Packs and MAP Sensors

#4 Wire 50A Connected to FADEC 2 CB 20A 

In order for the indicator lights to function properly the original harness must be removed and a new harness fabricated. To remove the original harness you must cut two ground leads from the Instrument Harness of a 162F as pictured to the right. The new harness using the old for wire lengths can be made using the print pictured above. There seems to be an issue with wire #33 and #34, due to a conflict with the current Rotorway schematic. If, after switching the Instrument Switch, the #2 FADEC green light is off but #2 FADEC red light is on swap #33 & #34 at the lights to correct.  These lights self test different than a 162F. Refer to the Talon POH for information concerning this startup procedure.

New Indicator Light Harness

MEFIs and Relay Box Installed​

Original 162F Indicator Light Panel

The goal of this page is to provide step by step instructions for upgrading a 162F engine and ship to the Talon configuration. As of February 2015 Rotorway's quote was $5007.00 for factory components to modify the engine to the A600N specification.

#2 Wire 50A  (E35-2001 Rev D)

E35-2001 REV D

Engine Modifications:

#7 Water Pump Ground Switch Harness

10A Circuit Breakers (MEFI)

Rotorway Component Quote 2/2015

#3 Wire 50A Connected MEFI Harness

Remove the 162F coil packs from the PAX seat back. The Talon coil packs ($380.92) are somewhat wider and the holes don't line up well. If desired you could make a new lower seat back panel. I like to label these items so confusion later during hook up is limited. Remember to use Dielectric grease on the coil plate and coils themselves. I grounded the panel to the seat pan round tube (convenient) Reference Section 21 page 9 for additional information.

The Talon harness comes with a control function for previously installed electric water pumps. The lead on the MEFI harness was not labeled on my harness?? However, by the process of elimination you can easily determine which lead is for the water pump (single plug)(picture #1). Print E35-2001 Rev D shows wire 50A (picture #2) from that MEFI plug to the overhead panel (pictures #2 & #3). I connected 50A to the protected side of my FADEC 2 switch (picture #4). This basically protects from the 20A blade fuse on the 162F. From the factory there is no over-ride function in case of a failed temp sensor or relay. I opted to install both a switch over-ride with a indicator light. For whatever reason Rotorway operates the water by switching the ground on or off? Knowing this is very important! I made a harness that allows a switch on the overhead panel to ground the water pump when necessary. I also installed a light that indicates when the pump is receiving power. The harness is a short jumper between the MEFI harness lead and the pump lead. This allowed me to make a clean splice to add a wire (14AWG BLK) to the overhead panel (picture #5). At the panel end I terminated with a Metri-Pack (could use Molex) connector with one wire terminated with a ring terminal to airframe ground (picture #6). The other end goes to a panel switch (two position). I used a three position because it was previously wired for my original pump installation (AUTO not connected). The entire harness is pictured in #7 and installation at the pump end in #8. The indicator light is triggered on the pump side of the switch. Whenever a ground is made the light illuminates.

I fabricated a mild steel bracket from flat stock and mounted it to the existing oil sump mount square tube. This bracket supports the weight of the MEFI harness ($1513.55) and keeps the harness bundle secured and out of the way of the throttle shaft.

Basically the engine mods consist of removing the secondary injector manifold and tapping the two holes to accomadate two air temp sensors ($97.28). A hose ($151.25) is installed between the two remaining injector manifolds (as pictured above). The starter and mount ring are removed and replaced with a new style mount which allows the use of new "snap-in" triggers and a new stronger starter. This would be a good time to install the latest style starter ring with fewer & stronger teeth ($695.02).

MEFI Harness Support Bracket

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A600N Talon Engine

#6 Water Pump Ground Harness Overhead Panel Connect Plug

Knock sensors ($118.80) are added to the back of the current engine. This requires removing two Aluminum plugs which are epoxied in the case. The best way to remove these plugs is to use a Propane torch and heat the immediate area while expending some torque with an Allen wrench until the plug breaks free. Maintain heat until the plug is about half way out. The adhesive resets when heat is removed too soon. Be careful not to strip out the Aluminum Allen socket.

If you decide to keep your full range tach there is no output on the MEFI harness. Wire #15 (Full Range Tach) gives sense from one FADEC and #14 (Dual Tach)gives sense from the other FADEC in the 162F. What I did was make a short "Y" harness #14 input and #14 & #15 output. Remove the Molex pins from Plug #3 and plug the #14 lead into the "Y" harness a install the #14 & #15 into the Molex plug. This way you can always have the option to return the Plug to it's original setup if you change your mind. Remember that you are now reading RPM from the same source on both the Dual and Full Range Tachs.

Overhead Panel

#1 MEFI Harness (Not Marked?)

Indicator Light Schematic

#5 Water Pump Ground to Switch Splice Harness

Included in the above quote are two MEFI (Marine Electronic Fuel Injection) ECUs ($1817). My intention is to utilize existing mounts and wiring where feasible. Here you see that I mounted both ECUs and Relay Box in the current FADEC mount box. My goal is to keep it simple! Later I will be adding a MEFICan (@$500) unit (Al Yard) to side of the box which will connect to the current 162F Display on the instrument panel. Reference Section 21 page 7 for additional information.

#8 Water Pump Ground Switch Harness Installed

MEFI Harness Support Bracket Installed