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"Gathering of Rotorways"

The SPRING Gathering IS Scheduled:

                            TBD: Contact John Garabedian

                                  (704) 579-2002

               Yes! A full week of Rotorway comradeship.

​                Mooreville, NC 28117 (Call for directions)

(Parking available for motorhomes and trailers)


Welcome to My Site!

This site is dedicated to the rebuild and continual modification of my 1988 RotorWay Exec.  This project started with the purchase of a standard Exec 152 in September of 2005.  Currently, it has incorporated all the updates of a 162F model with the exception of a 1.75" rotor mast.  My most recent upgrade is the installation of the Talon A600N engine. I did this engine upgrade and retained all my original 162F "steam" gauge instrumentation. This reduced my cost by @$4K by eliminating the requirement to install current OEM EFIS monitors. Original purchase price was $28K and this investment now exceeds $60K!


On this website, I discuss my current upgrades, problems and solutions.


There were many "lessons learned" during this evolution! Hopefully, my web site will prevent new builders or re-builders from the same errors some of which cost both time & money.  If at any time you need a "friend" to speak RotorWay  contact me, my door is open.


We are now entering the summer of 2023!  I have now sponsored 21 annual Gatherings. The '23 Gathering drew 30 ships and @100 owners/builders! 


Many upgrades and mods are described in detail elsewhere on this web site.  If you need more detail please email me for additional detail or pictures.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos.  Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions.