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My wife already had a Garmin 296 for her Cherokee that I felt was being underutilized. I ordered a marine mount directly from Garmin ($40) and attached it to the top of my pod. Looks professional even if I never need it (a guy thing!). I relocated my standby compass to the top of the foot panel. I was having problems with it anyway when it was on the pod. Seems that rotor RPM was reflected in unwanted compass movement.


The upgrade kit should include a replacement R/H skid tube and a empty ballast weight casing. I suggest adding the lead prior to chroming or powder coating. Usual you can get 27-30 pounds of material into the casing. Remember to leave room for the cap.

Jacking the helicopter to replace the skid would be difficult without a gantry crane.  Gantry is the way to go with any skid work.

 Note that I have the 10" extended skids and have reversed my front leg. To do this you should cut off the front step peg and re-weld on the opposite side . The belly panel hole will also require some enlarging.

 MODS 2:  

 Aft Ballast *  Extended Gear * GPS


For my machine this was an upgrade. All the factory 162F's come with this as standard equipment. This enhancement was expensive around $800. It also took more time to retrofit than expected.
 Some guys powder coat this mount others chrome plate. They get scuffed either way!


The internal stiffening bars were also hard to align in a tight space. A 90 degree small air drill really helped get this task done. Also on the newer assemblies the factory has moved the flange holes to the outside rather than inside the tubes.

This should be one of your powder coated items.