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To upgrade from a older Exec to a 162F required more additional weldments than I had first anticipated. There are no available dimensioned prints. All measurements were acquired by actually measuring from other builders machines at various airshows and events. Welding included: lwr eng mounts, upper boom support nubs, expansion tank tangs, both ldg gear frame bushes and alt mount.



1. Original front gear leg was attached vertically. New style has a horizontal bushed mount. Had to locate this slightly aft to clear original bush. Also reversed the front gear leg and relocated the step peg to the aft side of hoop. This should provide additional support to the extended skid tubes. This was just the first of numerous welds required to configure the original airframe to that of a 162F. 

2. I decided to use the existing mount hole for the new hoop and add the second hole as stated on the RWI SB. This moved the leg aft about a half inch. To insure that this tang was strong enough I added a .071" 4130 plate.

3. This shows the finished product with all the AN bolts in place. 

4. Overview of the new style gear prior to powder coating. The whole craft is substantially higher especially the tail boom. The stance is wider as well. I believe the higher placement of the TR blades will reduce the risk of a tail rotor strike. Note also the reversed forward legs and the repositioned step peg. 

5. In order to allow for the installation of the wider 162F radiator the tailboom supports had to be moved outward @1.5". I fabricated two 4130 extensions and TIG welded them in place. I used a temporary fixture to assure proper alignment and spacing. All dimensions were dirived from actually measuring aircraft while attending Homer's flyin. The factory does not provide dimensioned drawings. However, many of the weldments are available through RWI at a modest cost. 

6. I bought a used battery rack through the ROG for $40. Cleaned it up and welded it into the proper place. This is considered part of the new ballast configuration. I noticed, when I was working this area, corrosion damage from the previously installed battery. I elected to install only a AGM sealed battery to prevent future damage from battery acid.

7.  Alternator mount weldment can be obtained from the RWI and welded into position with the new style alternator.