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6. This is a different style of towbar. Mark Peterson uses this type routinely. It provides steerable towing. Downside is that is more complex to build and it is wider which may be an issue if loading into an enclosed trailer. I do like the skid attachment assembly and will copy it next chance.

4. Result of hanger parties! We frequently have hanger get togethers which require the various aircraft to be located outside the womb. Invariably it rains! Bruce's Covers has a $695 solution, their covers! They do fit well and are of quality design and materials but not inexpensive. Now my pride can stay out for HOURS.

3. This is another sock option. Bruce's Custom Covers makes these from Sunbrella type material. They are more expensive! The ones locally fabricated work equally well and are cheaper.

1. This was designed as a transmission jack. This is a much safer way to install and remove the engine. A lot more controllable. On older Exec's you don't need the blocks of wood due to the lower gear height. Harbor Freight carries these jacks and routinely puts them on sale right after you purchase them at full price!

2. I used to tie the aft blade to the tail which in turn raised the forward blade. This higher front blade made getting and out of the hanger a concern with door clearance. I had these locally made for $95. Now I can tie my blades down on breezy days, flat or any angle I desire. Getting into a low ceiling trailer would also be safer.

5. This is my original towbar which worked well. It was difficult to hand move the craft around the hanger and it bounced a little at higher towed speed due to lightness on the nose. I sold it to another older Exec owner and he loves it for towing on his grass taxiway.