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The original Exec seat cushions were awful! The factory is asking @$1600 for the new leather style. I had a local seamstress make mine with Tempurpedic foam for @$200 including material. What a difference a cushion can make, amazing!

 In an effort to save money I only have one active switch on the co-pilot side. The other holes are not drilled. If later you should decide to add them you can send them back to Infinity for an upgrade. I also didn't want any passenger to have access to radio buttons! These grips were easy to retrofit and would not add any time to an initial build.


 Under the new seat futons I also used three different density Tempurpedic foams. I buy the stuff at air shows and save the shipping. It runs about $18 per square. Notice how much better the cockpit looks now. Both the Infinity grips and seating add to the functionality as well. Two good reasons for doing mods.


 Infinity grips are good quality and the feel ergonomically correct. Cheap they ain't! At $150 per grip they are worth every penny. The only thing you can't switch from the cyclic is the transponder code. What I like most is the built in hand rest. All the buttons are exactly where they need to be. You can order these grips for left or right hand pilots. Remember to order the adapter for the RWI size cyclic.


Infinity Grips  *  Seating  *  beacon


Early on I realized that I needed something to notify passerby’s that the helicopter was active or shortly would be. The inexpensive answer was this flashing beacon by Whelen at @$125. I made a short mounting collar to mount it on the curved tail boom. The collar is just PVC. Very important to keep the wiring away from the TR belts inside the boom!