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The panel has a screw at the forward end which goes into a "T" extrusion fitted with an anchornut. The aft end is secured with a small Southco fastener and matching receptacle. I don't usually have a passenger so I keep it installed most of the time. FOD in the pocket is no longer a concern.

For the money you get a paper template and two pre-contoured windows plus attaching hardware. A pretty good value considering what RWI would probably charge. Aircraft Spruce sells Plexiglas drills which work very well for drilling without cracking the glass. I also can get these items tinted which is a big deal on sunny Florida days! Write me for more detailed instructions.



At Homer's it seems like the talk was all about extending the skids to prevent a nose over during a full down auto. Everybody had their own theories and reasoning’s. The factory skids are now 10" longer but some guys extended theirs as much as 22"! I figured the RWI engineers probably had a reason for 10" so I went with that length. I accomplished that by cutting the existing skid tube at the CG and inserting a 4130 steel tube for a splice. I inserted 10" into the forward section installed a 10" piece of old aluminum tube over the 4130 as a filler and then the aft skid. I TIG welded the filler and smoothed by sanding.



When I was initially doing run-ups I noticed that if there was something loose in the cockpit it always found its way into the empty passenger collective pocket which is common on all Execs and Exec 90s. This is my solution. Very simple to manufacture and roll into the proper contour.


 During my first hovers I was annoyed by how little side viewing was available. During RWI flight training I also noted that the stock eyebrows were worthless for side visibility. I contracted to have this style eyebrow fabricated by the OEM of our current windshieds. 


CENtEr Console cOvEr * eyebrow * extended skid

 Also note that I reversed my front gear leg. Again, this was a decision based on numerous conversations at last year's Homer fly-in. By the way you can't reverse the skid unless you also extend the skid at least the 10". I was installing new style 162F hoops to replace my damaged original legs so this was an opportune time to do this upgrade/mod. If you look at the Talon extended skids you'll see a lot of skid tube forward of the gear leg. My guess is that if you made a less than perfect auto that would be a weak point and roll up. Reversing the leg shortens that unsupported skid tube a bit. Some attendees also stated that they noticed flexing of their elongated skids on uneven terrain between the legs. I have a 30" piece of 4130 exactly in that area to hopefully preclude that on my machine.